Kabusecha Tsuyuhikari Narao


This tea received the following awards at tea competitions.
– Fine Product Prize at Nihoncha Award 2019

– Jury’s Special Prize at the Nihoncha Award 2019

-This tea received a prize in the tea contest 100 Best Mountain Teas in Shizuoka

This single-origin Kabusecha is grown in one of the highest tea areas in Japan, at an altitude of 600 meters, where it snows in winter.

To bring out a rich sweetness, the tea bushes for this tea are shaded with synthetic black cloth for 20 days before harvest – longer than regular Kabusecha shaded for one to two weeks. It’s almost Gyokuro.

Tsuyuhikari is a rare cultivar with a rich sweetness. Whereas tea from this cultivar is usually deep-steamed during the tea production process, Mori-san, the producer of this tea, steamed it lightly to preserve the fresh mountain aroma.

Mori-san says “I grew this tea like it was my own child.” This tea is sweet like his personality:)


Tea Type: Kabusecha

Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari
Cross between Asatsuyu and Shizu 7132

Origin: Narao, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Naganori Mori

Harvest: spring 2021


Sweetness  ★★★★☆

Astringency ★☆☆☆☆

Body           ★★★☆☆

Aroma        ★★★☆☆

Size: 30g/1oz or 60g/2oz*
The larger bag is a better value than the smaller one!

*1 bag of 60g/2oz or 2 bags of 30g/1oz