Shincha Box – Refined Selection of First Flush Japanese Green Teas


–30 boxes only


This premium tea assortment box comes with a selection of freshly harvested teas that we found on our journey during the spring harvest season. It includes special teas such as a hand-picked tea and an award-winning tea, some of which are not available individually in our store.

To make your tea time even more unique, we are going to add a packet of roasted rice called Genmai to the box this year. First, try tasting the pure tea itself for 2-3 infusions, then add the roasted rice, which has a toasty aroma, to make your own Genmaicha, roasted green tea. You can eat it as it is like rice crackers, and adding some of them to yogurt or ice cream as a topping is a great option.


Here is the list of teas:

-Hand-picked Sencha
Cultivar: Yabukita (or Oiwase)
Manufacturer: Tadashi Sugiyama
Origin: Mobata, Shizuoka

-Hashiri-Shincha Sencha (early-harvested Sencha)
Cultivar: Yabukita
Manufacturer: Saranti Shizuhata
Origin: Shizuhata, Shizuoka

Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari
Manufacturer: Yuya Murata
Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka

Cultivar: Kanaya-midori
Manufacturer: Norio Imura
Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka

-Hakuyocha (white leaf tea)
Cultivar: Zairai (native)
Manufacturer: Tadashi Sugiyama
Origin: Mobata, Shizuoka


You can expect approx. 280g/10 oz of tea and 100g/3.5 oz of Genmai per box.


Note: This box will be shipped separately. It can hold 3-6 additional tea packages. If you want to purchase more than 4 additional tea packages to include in the box, please message us. The box dimensions and the interior color may change depending on the final size of your order.

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