Award-Winning Premium Tea Box


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We carefully selected four prize-winning teas with distinctive characteristics and full of nutrients. It’s perfect as a special treat for yourself or a gift for your tea-loving friends and family. Each tea is created by passionate tea artisans in Shizuoka, the capital of Japanese tea. Enjoy a relaxing and rich tea time and stay healthy with these premium teas!

The teas are wrapped in elegant Japanese paper. We will also attach stickers and postcards of the Tea Cup Trip.


The box contains the following teas:

– Fukamushicha Tsuyuhikari 100g/3.5oz
This tea received the Platinum Prize at Nihoncha Award 2018 and 2021

– Blend of Gyokuro and Hakuyocha 30g/1oz
It received the best tea prize at the tea contest 100 Best Mountain Teas in Shizuoka 2019

– Oolong Hojicha 80g/2.8oz
It received the Platinum Prize at Nihoncha Award 2017

– Wakocha (Japanese black tea) Benifuki 2nd Flush 70g/2.5oz
This tea received the following prizes at the national tea competitions.
・ Fine Product Prize at Nihoncha Award 2019
・Gold Prize in Products Division at National Black Tea Grand Prix 2020
・4-star Premium Tea at Premium Tea Contest 2021

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Note: This item will be shipped individually. It can accommodate 3-6 additional tea packages. Just send us a message if you would like to add more tea to your order. Box dimensions and interior color may change depending on the final size of your order.

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Fukamushicha Tsuyuhikari

This green tea with its beautiful bright emerald green color was grown on the edges of Makinohara Plateau, the very birthplace of Fukamushicha, deep-steamed Sencha. It’s medium-bodied and has a pleasant mellow flavor with little astringency to it. The second infusion turns the color to a darker green and the texture becomes even thicker.

Tea Type: Fukamushicha (deep-steamed Sencha)

Cultivar: Tsuyuhikari
Cross between Asatsuyu and Shizu7132

Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Yuya Murata

Harvest: spring 2021


Blend of Gyokuro and Hakuyocha

This blend of two shade-grown green tea that exists nowhere else has tons of theanine, an amino acid that contributes to umami and sweet flavor, and also works for reducing your stress level.

It’s made by Mr. Maeshima who has 50 years of experience in making Gyokuro from Okabecho, one of Japan’s three major Gyokuro producing regions. It’s hand-picked, and only 10kg (2.2lb) can be produced per year. He blends Gyokuro, the highest grade of Japanese tea with robust umami, and Hakuyocha (white leaf tea), which has greater amino acids than Gyokuro due to a more intensive shading method.

Tea Type: Blend of Gyokuro and Hakuyocha

Cultivar: Gokoh for Gyokuro, Tsuyuhikari for Hakuyocha

Origin: Asahina in Okabecho, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Satomi Maeshima

Harvest: spring 2021


Oolong Hojicha

Japanese oolong from Kozeto Shizuoka

This is a rare roasted Japanese oolong tea that has a floral and fruity note, grown in the origin of Shizuoka tea-producing region Honyama. The tea producer Mr. Takahashi makes oolong teas from different tea cultivars using Taiwanese machines, then blends them and light roasts to create a unique complex flavor.

Tea Tasting Set_Hojicha from Shizuoka Japan

Tea Type: Hojicha

Roasted oolong tea

Roast Level: light

Cultivar: Beni-Fuki, Zairai(native), Inzatsu-131 Misho (seed-grown), and Surugawase

Origin: Kozeto, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Kazuaki Takahashi

Harvest: summer 2021

Wakocha (Japanese black tea) Benifuki 2nd Flush

Wakocha Japanese Black Tea Benifuki from Kanaya Shizuoka

This medium to almost full-bodied black tea made from Benifuki cultivar is fruity and less astringency. and has a slight honey-like scent, produced when some of the leaves are bitten by small insects. Also, like other Japanese black teas, it’s sweeter than the ones made in other countries.
It took the tea producer, Mr. Imura, more than ten years of trial and error to make this gorgeous, unique tea.

Cultivar: Benifuki
Cross between Makura Cd 86 and Benihomare

Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Norio Imura

Harvest: Summer 2021

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