Tea Tasting Set -Hojicha 3


This premium tea tasting set includes three types of Hojicha, roasted green tea from Shizuoka. Unlike general Hojicha, all of these teas are made from tea leaves harvested in spring, the first tea season of the year.

We carefully selected teas with distinct characteristics so that you can enjoy the difference. Farmers, origins, tea types, and roast levels are all different.


  1. Kuki Hojicha


  1. Fukamushi Hojicha 

Received the Jury’s Special Award at the Nihoncha Award 2019 


  1. Oolong Hojicha

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1.Kuki Hojicha

This is an orthodox Hojicha, using only kuki(stems) of tea. 

Jiro from Ryougochi, a high mountainous area, made fresh kukicha(stem tea). The kukicha was then roasted by a tea master specializing in Hojicha.

Roasting at a high temperature just before it's about to be scorched gives it a crisp aroma and a sweetness of its stems.

Tea Type: Hojicha

Roasted light-steamed Kukicha(stem tea)

Roast Level: Medium

Cultivar: Blended

Origin: Ryougochi, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Jiro Katahira

Harvest: 2020


2.Fukamushi Hojicha

Received Jury's Special Award at Nihoncha Award 2019 

This roasted Fukamushicha has a thicker texture and more umami, savory sweetness than the other two.

Murata-san from Kanaya, a well-known producing area of Fukamushicha, started making this unique Hojicha in 2019. In the same year, this tea received an award in Nihoncha Award.

Tea Type: Hojicha

Roasted Fukamushicha,  deep-steamed Sencha

Roast Level: Light

Cultivar: Yabukita

Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Yuya Murata

Harvest: 2020


3.Oolong Hojicha

This is a unique roasted Japanese oolong with a floral and fruity note.

Takahashi-san makes a wide variety of teas in Honyama tea area, which is said to be the origin of Shizuoka tea. He blends different tea cultivars with different profiles. 

Light-roasting the blends gives the tea a roasted flavor without sacrificing the oolong tea's floral and fruity aroma.

This tea is especially popular with foreign tea lovers.

Tea Type: Hojicha

Roasted oolong tea

Roast Level: Light

Cultivar: Beni-Fuki, Zairai(native), Inzatsu-131 Misho(seed-grown), and Surugawase

Origin: Kozeto, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Kazuaki Takahashi

Harvest: 2020



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