Tea Tasting Set – Oolong and Black 2


This premium tea tasting set consists of 1 oolong tea and 1 black tea, both single-origin teas, created by the award-winning tea producers in Shizuoka.

Though more than 95% of the tea made in Japan are green tea, oolong tea and black tea have been acquiring fans recently.

Taste these non-Japanese teas made in Japan!


1. Oolong Tea Harumeguri

2. Black Tea Benifuki -Momoka Premium 2nd flush

Received the following awards.

-Fine Product Award at Nihoncha Award 2019

-Gold prize in Products Division at National Black Tea Grand Prix 2020

Size: 30g/1oz or 60g/2oz*

*1 bag of 60g/2oz or 2 bags of 30g/1oz)

For more information, please read the description below.

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1.Oolong tea Harumeguri

Kazuaki and his father are well-known experts of green tea and oolong tea as they have received  many awards at the national tea completions. They made this tea with fruity aroma by tea processing machines imported from Taiwan.


Tea Type: Oolong tea(medium oxidized tea)

Cultivar: single-origin

Origin: Kozeto, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Kazuaki Takahasi

Harvest: 2020



2.Black Tea Benifuki Momoka Premium 2nd flush 

Received Fine Product Award at Nihoncha Award 2019


Medium-bodied, and has a fruity note to it. The Momoka Premium also has a slight honey-like scent, which is produced when some of the leaves are bitten by small insects. 

It took Imura-san more than 10years of trial and error to make this unique tea.


Tea Type: Black tea

Cultivar: Benifuki

Cross between Makura Cd 86 and Benihomare

Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka Prefecture 

Manufacturer: Norio Imura

Harvest: 2020

Additional information

Weight 260 g

60g, 30g