– Shizuoka City, Shizuoka
– 3h

Course Overview:

We guide you to our favorite tea cafes in Shizuoka to showcase the traditional and the New & Trendy cafes, where you can personally and deeply experience the different and unique brewing, serving and tasting styles of Japanese Tea. In addition to a hands-on tea making experience and tasting various types of Japanese tea from all over Japan.  

What to Expect from your visit:

-Guided 3 of our favorite Tea Cafes

-Japanese Tea Education – Q&A -Hands-on Tea Making Experience

-Tea Tasting of various types of Japanese Tea -Learning about the different styles of Brewing Japanese Tea – traditional and new trends

-Complimentary Japanese Tea Gelato of your choice

-Strolling around downtown Shizuoka

A glimpsed into the modern take and future evolution of what tea consumption might be.

Myron from Singapore