Blend of Gyokuro and Hakuyocha


This is a blend of Gyokuro and Hakuyocha with full of umami and sweetness. It’s a unique and special tea that exists nowhere else, and only 10 kg (2.2lb) is produced per year.

Maeshima-san, the producer of this tea, has been making Gyokuro for over 50 years in the Asahina district in Okabecho in Shizuoka, Japan’s three major Gyokuro producing regions, along with Uji and Yame.

If you didn’t know, Gyokuro is a shade-grown premium green tea with intense umami content. The entire tea garden for Gyokuro is covered with reeds and rice straw, or cheesecloth canopies for about 20 days before harvest.

By cutting off up to 98% of the sunlight that the tea plant is exposed to, the tea becomes rich in amino acids that contribute to its umami and sweet flavor.

According to research, Hakuyocha (white leaf tea)* has greater amino acids than Gyokuro and three times more than unshaded tea like Sencha by cutting off 99.99% of the sunlight.

In 2019, Maeshima-san came up with the crazy idea of ​​processing the raw leaves of those teas together. Surprisingly, the blended tea has received the best prize at a tea contest called 100 Best Mountain Teas in Shizuoka.

In the contest, all the judges stood up and applauded him, thanking him for making such an excellent tea.

For this year’s blend, more of the rich sweetness of Hakuyocha than the broth-like umami of Gyokuro, with a subtle and pleasant astringency coming later.

*There is another type of Hakuyocha called Zairai Hakuyocha. It’s unshaded grown tea made from albino leaves containing great amino acids genetically.
We offer a Zairai Hakuyocha made by Tadashi Sugiyama.


Tea Type: Blend of Gyokuro and Hakuyocha

Cultivar: Gokoh for Gyokuro, Tsuyuhikari for Hakuyocha

Origin: Asahina in Okabecho, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Satomi Maeshima

Harvest: spring 2021

Sweetness  ★★★★★

Astringency ★★☆☆☆

Body           ★★★★★

Aroma        ★★★★☆

Size: 30g/1oz or 60g/2oz*

The larger bag is a better value than the smaller one!

*1 bag of 60g/2oz or 2 bags of 30g/1oz