Kamairicha Sayama-kaori Kanaya


This tea received Jury’s Special Prize at the Nihoncha Award 2022.

Kamairicha is a type of Japanese green tea made by the Chinese pan-firing method. It has a unique toasty aroma called Kamaka “釜香” and a refreshing sweetness.

Imura-san, a tea farmer devoted to aromatic tea production, slightly withers the tea leaves before the pan-firing process, bringing out the rich fragrance of Sayama-kaori cultivar.

The first brew has a milky, toasty, and floral aroma. Then, a more floral, yet not too strong aroma shows up after the second steep. Although Sayama-kaori cultivar generally contains a higher amount of catechins, which is a type of tannin associated with astringency, this specific tea has a very round mouthfeel.


Tea Type: Kamairicha (pan-fired Tamaryokucha)

Cultivar: Sayana-kaori
Selected from the natural cross-breeding of Yabukita cultivar.

Origin: Kanaya, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Norio Imura

Harvest: spring 2022


Size: 30g/1oz or 60g/2oz*
The larger bag is a better value than the smaller one!

*1 bag of 60g/2oz or 2 bags of 30g/1oz*