Nodate Outdoor Tea Kit


This set contains one cute mini kyusu teapot that can fit in the palm of your hand and and two double-wall “My Little Tea Cup” cups. It also includes one Japanese tea great for both hot brewing and cold brewing.


Nodate “野点” means having tea outdoors. Take this set outside and enjoy a cup of Japanese tea!

Don’t forget to share your Japanese tea experience on Instagram with the hashtag #mylittleteacup, let’s connect with tea lovers around the world🍵

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Mini Kyusu

This Kyusu with a mesh strainer is suitable for any type of tea.

-Size: 60cc/2oz(for a cup of tea)


My Little Tea Cup

Two  double-wall cups

-Size: 50cc

-Heat-resistant borosilicate glass

Please note that each piece may look slightly different because this product is handmade.


Japanese tea

A Japanese tea good for both hot-brew and cold-brew

-30g/1oz(1 bag or 2 bags of 15g/05oz)

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Weight 350 g