Oolong Hojicha Kozeto


This tea received the Platinum Prize at Nihoncha Award 2017

This is a rare roasted Japanese oolong with a floral and fruity note.
Takahashi-san from Honyama tea area, which is said to be the origin of Shizuoka tea, blends oolongs made from different tea varieties to create a unique complex flavor. Light-roasting the blends gives the tea a roasted flavor without sacrificing the oolong tea’s floral and fruity aroma. This tea is popular, especially among our international customers.


Tea Type: Hojicha

Roasted oolong tea

Roast Level: light

Cultivar: Benifuki, Zairai(native), Inzatsu-131 Misho (seed-grown), and Surugawase

Origin: Kozeto, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Kazuaki Takahashi

Harvest: spring 2021


Size: 100g/3.5oz

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