We’ve temporarily closed our store for a while to carry out maintenance and renew our product offerings. If you’re looking for any authentic Japanese teas and teawares or have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d be delighted to suggest products from our wide collection that match your preferences. We appreciate your understanding and can’t wait to soon serve you the finest teas!
Warm regards,

The concept of our store

The concept of our store is “Experiences” just like our tours.

These experiences would be, for example, tasting various types of tea and find your favorite tea, or roasting tea by yourself.

And our teas come directly from tea farmers and tea masters in Shizuoka. Most of our teas are single-origin and not mass-produced, but carefully made by tea artisans we trust.

We will also share stories of teas and tea artisans.

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