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Please contact us if you would like us to source teaware and tea.

We currently ship to North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. Check the list on the Shopping Guide page below. Feel free to ask us for other countries not listed and alternative shipping options.

What makes our teas special


Being minimal, caring about small farms and enjoy tea with a little cup.


Connecting people around the world with tea. 


Feeling hokkori, which means relaxed, warm, and comfortable.

Not mass-produced

extRemely Healthy

Traceable and transparent


curated by a Sommelier

There are numerous reasons why the tea we produce is extraordinary. Our teas are not mass produced. The tea is exclusively manufactured in small to medium sized factories. Every tea leaf is plucked from the very first harvest of the year. Therefore, our tea is especially rich in nutrients to enhance your health with each cup. Every package of tea shows where you can trace the names of the tea cultivars, artisans and the location of the tea producing region. Furthermore, it is always a joy and honor to provide more details and answers to any queries from our customers. Our teas are carefully curated and selected by certified Japanese Tea Instructors and Licensed Tea Sommeliers. We are proud of our methods of making tea which are made by eco-friendly artisans. These eco-friendly tea artisans are dedicated to protecting the local tea production in the age old Japanese tradition. We also study feedback from our customers point by point since every customer deserves our best effort to produce the very best cup of tea.

What makes our teas special

– Come directly from farmers and tea masters

– Single-origin, except some teas blended for a better quality.

– Not mass-produced

– Carefully selected by our local certified tea expert

The concept of our store

The concept of our store is “Experiences” just like our tours.

These experiences would be, for example, tasting various types of tea and find your favorite tea, or roasting tea by yourself.

And our teas come directly from tea farmers and tea masters in Shizuoka. Most of our teas are single-origin and not mass-produced, but carefully made by tea artisans we trust.

We will also share stories of teas and tea artisans.

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