Hakuyocha Zairai Mobata


The green tea leaves of this farm turn to a golden color during spring.

The grandfather of this young tea farmer, Tadashi Sugiyama, found a yellow tea leaf on his tea farm one day. Tadashi’s grandfather and his son have continued to grow these natural leaves little by little. Tadashi’s father finally succeeded in growing barely enough tea leaves to produce commercially.

Tadashi still follows his father’s wishes and continues to protect this rare tea, which can still be produced in small amounts.

This green tea has a rich sweetness like Gyokuro, but its aftertaste is more refreshing. If you like Gyokuro, you would enjoy it.


Tea Type: Zairai Hakuyocha, white leaf green tea

Cultivar: Zairai(native)

Origin: Mobata, Shizuoka Prefecture

Manufacturer: Tadashi Sugiyama

Harvest: spring 2023


Sweetness  ★★★★☆

Astringency ★★☆☆☆

Body           ★★★☆☆

Aroma      ★★★★☆


Size: 50g/1.8oz